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As a professional advertising agency we offer to our clients a full Service: Email Marketing, Public Media Marketing, NEW : Web Adverting (Web presence on a platform visited by thousands of potential clients monthly).


Benefits for your Business:

1. We send your ad as frequent as agreed upon to more than 50000 potential customers.
2. Your ad get published once a week to about 40 Namibian Facebook groups, linked to your page we managed on this platform.
3. We create your own "flip book" with unlimited pages and host it on our own fast reliable VPS servers.

This "book" is your company's profile/presence on the web, some of your products, specials on a platform visited by hundreds of people weekly.


2 PG Glass

Buy and Sell Property

We attend to absolutely all the aspects related to property purchases, sales, rentals, developments, construction and body corporate management.

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This is for demonstration purposes only, only the PG Glass link work !!

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4 BushStill
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6 Hotel Thule
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Price Structure.

All prices is per ad.
8 AdMan 2020

* Fb ads: (FB - FaceBook) - This is available to Once Off and Contract Clients - where AdMan will share ads once ( 1 x ) per week on about 40 Namibian FB groups. If there are more than one ad per day, we will combine the ads so ads will only once per day be shared to FB.

* Advertise on Adman website: This is a small image ad on the front page of AdMan (300 x 300 px) of your company, linked/not linked to your own flip book. The websites are visited by hundreds of people per day over the past year, and this will give you much exposure.

* Own Booklet: This is your companies own portal, your face to your possible customer, your web presence. You may say, I have my own website yes, but how much “targeted traffic” does your website get ? How many sales leads are generated by your own website, well people visiting Adman response on our email ads, Facebook ads, and come here already interested (“targeted”), “buyers that come for leads” and just may see something else that interest them, and the Adman website already has hundreds of visit’s, to subscribe or maybe to look at some ad possible customers missed and can't find anymore on Facebook, or by word of mouth…….If this is what you need…..Contact Us Today !!

300 x 300 px - big static ads on frontpage - linked (Only 10 available) - 200 x 200 px - Logo, Name & Contact Number. (Slider/linked - Unlimited available)

AdMan 2020 9
10 Real Estate 2020
Real Estate 2020 11

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                                                                   – Satoshi Nakamoto (Bitcoin Founder)

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